Mobile Web Field Kit

A fourth year thesis project focusing on creating a unique design process for mobile web design. This is an iterative, rapid, paper prototyping kit to invoke innovative mobile web design. Strap on a laptop on the back and you can bring the web design to the client. Work out user experience maps, information architectures and paper prototyping using social exercise cards.

This project was born out of the opportunity to help print saavy designers learn principles for the web and help bridge the two industries together.

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This booklet is the process book for a video project documenting a sculpture displaying distorted type. Lyrics mapped onto a pyramid like sculpture were timed in co-ordination with the song playing in the video. This was an experiment in distorting and animating type using traditional materials and not relying on digital effects. The animation and colour pallette were chosen to evoke the tone of the song.


Walk through Walls

This typographic poster features an excerpt of an article written by Major General Albert Stubblebine III, it was used during a speech by Richard Dawkins at the TED conference. Major General Albert Stubblebine III believed it would be possible one day to walk between walls using your mind. Since the space between atoms is comparable to a fly in football stadium there seems to be no physical reason this should not work.

Replay @ Emily Carr University

Replay is Emily Carr's first social site dedicated to collecting and sharing creative resources for students. Founded by Rachel Kroft & Shelagh Mclellan and developed by David Aitken this project allows student to post, share and find their resources for projects within the creative community. This service allows students to gain a body of knowledge in art and design in Vancouver and enables the transfer of experience to the next generations of students.

Replay is a custom drupal theme built as a subdomain of Emily Carr. This is the first project David has designed and fully developed in Drupal 6.

Modern Acupuncture Studio

The website of Vancouver local acupuncturist, Shawn Poppi Sabhaney. Helping you achieve a quicker recovery to health and balance in your life. The graphics for this website are based on the Acupuncturist's own authentic seal displaying his name.

Modern Acupuncture Studio

Jonathan Aitken

This modular, responsive website showcases the research and creative work of Emily Carr instructor Jonathan Aitken. Jonathans research is studies the field of Kinetic Typography, this website displays the explorations and results of the interaction between person and typography. Powered by wordpress, this iPad friendly serves as a portfolio, teaching tool and personal blog for Jonathan Aitken.

David Newkirk

David Newkirk is an established Toronto-based painter. This wordpress powered gallery website shocases his recent paintings with an archive section detailing his progression as an artist.

An Assortment of Types

This booklet is a sample of three historical typefaces marking the renaissance, modernism and digital type eras. Each spread displays a typeface emulating the design of that era in its layout.

Local Heroes

This booklet is a sample of a cookbook called Local Heroes featuring Canadian west coast chefs and their recipes. Without images the identity of the design is created using only typography and subtle textures to bring out the west coast feel.

Flight Deck

Flight Deck is a fourth year thesis project showcasing a conceptual bicycle-mounted smartphone App that allows you to connect and find your facebook friends using google bike maps.

While many GPS systems can help you reach a destination, Flight Deck focuses on helping you find your friends. Never ride alone again!


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The Chan Centre at UBC

Front-end design for the new update to the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts at UBC. Developed by Raised Eyebrow this site has been updated with new social features and in-depth visual content.

Whiskey Chief

Up and coming funk band Whiskey Chief needed a brand that highlighted their retro style and electrifying energy. This baseball card inspired logo was created for their promotional cards and new website.



Front-end design for community website Participedia, developed by Affinity Bridge. Participedia is a tool for strengthening democracy through shared knowledge. This website was migrated from a wiki format and needed a front-end design for its new Drupal platform. The design features a multi-faceted search functions, clear navigation and a heavier focus on imagery to make the site more friendly.

Anaid Productions

Wordpress development for Anaid Productions website with project manager Graham Storey. This site features multiple video galleries, image sliders and social media integration.

BC Childrens Hospital

This research project is meant to explore the possibility of a patient portal to direct users to appropriate parts of the website.

In addition, the patient portal features a symptom checker to identify severity of the situation to lower the numbers of non-emergency traffic at the hospital

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